Acting Volunteering in Nepal uncategoried

Acting Voluntering in Nepal  Good karma Foundation working with some Theater and entertainment house in kathmandu organizes  social awareness and educational focused drama , one act play , social satires and makes the regular performance in the streets of kathmandu to the remote areas of the country . This tool is taken as very important capsule to foster the good message in society through the character  of the play . this kind of drama and story includes the health issues , pollution , social respnsibility, traffiking, sexual voilance , traditional beliefs  etc and mostly displayed in school level.  If you are interested...

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Boom in "voluntourism” sparks concerns over whether the industry is doing good uncategoried

LONDON: Rapid growth in the multi-billion dollar volunteer tourism industry has prompted calls for tighter controls with concerns over exposing vulnerable communities to unskilled foreign labour and dodgy operators exploiting foreigners for profit. Voluntourism, which allows socially-conscious holiday-makers to pay thousands of dollars to work in poor communities across South America, Asia and Africa, has become a boom sector of the global travel industry. Estimates of its size vary widely. Nancy Gard McGehee, an expert on sustainable tourism at the US university Virginia Tech, says as many as 10 million volunteers a year are spending up to $2 billion on the opportunity to...

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Indian sex traffickers get active after Nepal earthquake uncategoried

The human traffickers are back with their sinister tentacles along the India-Nepal border in Uttar Pradesh. These criminals have once again become active after the April 25 earthquake in Nepal and are trafficking unsuspecting Nepalese minors by promising them jobs in India. In reality, these Nepalese minors are sold to nefarious elements in the big cities of India. According to sources in the Uttar Pradesh intelligence department, in the last one and-a-half months, over 500 boys and girls from Nepal have been brought to India by 17 human traffickers on this side of Indo-Nepal border and were sent to Delhi and...

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