Homestay in nepal to learn Culture and Language

Homestay & Culture Learningl volunteer program is a program for those who want to learn about the culture and really immerse themselves in Nepali society. As a volunteer, you will be living in a typical Nepali home in the village. During the day you will an learn langugae. These cultural language classes not only teach linguistics, but also brief you on the customs and traditions of Nepal. 
Why Choose a Homestay?
This program transforms the volunteer experience to one which is lived rather than simply observed. As an accepted family member in a homestay in Nepal and member of the wider community, your presence provides an enriching experience to those around you. This homestay in Nepal and cultural exchange program places volunteers in one of our host family.

Village life provides the volunteers with an excellent chance to learn about intricate aspects of Nepali culture: lifestyle, language, food and its people. Volunteers should remember that this is a cultural exchange and that their own input and stories about themselves are also valuable! They will also have the opportunity to visit and help out at the local school. Homestay in Nepal programs are best organised from August to December which is the time when most large Nepali festivals take place. This makes for an overall more exciting experience for the volunteer. Nepali culture is distinctively friendly and open and often participants are made to feel as though they are part of the family. 
Learning About Nepali Language and Culture
Nepal is a very rich country in culture and landscape. The country is a mosaic of ethnic groups and sub-groups collectively speaking over 100 languages and dialects. There are numerous traditional festivals that are celebrated throughout the year, preserving local customs and beliefs. Nepali is the national and official language of Nepal and quite similar to Hindi. It is used throughout the country on a regular basis. If you are able to learn Nepali, even just a few words, your stay will be richly enhanced, especially in the rural areas. 

Learning a language means to assimilate oneself into the culture of the target language and essentially to integrate into that particular society. Keeping this socio-linguistic principle in mind we believes that a village homestay is the most effective component so as to learn Nepali language and culture. This cross cultural exchange also allows you to embody the very essence of what it means to be Nepali. If you wish to learn Nepali, doors will open for you into other ‘hidden gems’ of the country.

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