Religious Volunteering in Nepal

As a part of religious Volunteering you can try few of these cool jobs while in Nepal . it is a  country with majority Hindu and Buddhist but the national religion is securalism written clearly in interium constitution , you will have no any problems working with your area of interest in a few kilo meter all Monastay, Temple Masque are located  in major city like kathmandu and Pokhara

Nepal Buddhist monastery Volunteer program
Buddhist Stupa carry big meaning and importance in Buddhism. Buddhism is regarded as middle way path-a scientific practice. Nepal is a country of Buddha’s where along with last Historical Buddha – shkyamuni Gautama Buddha, Karkukchhanda Buddha, Kapil Buddha, kasyap Buddha and many Bodhisatwas were born. Nepal Buddhist monastery volunteer program gives you a unique opportunity to explore Buddhist way of life, different facets of Buddhism and more.
In Buddhist Stupa Volunteer program Nepal, volunteers can paint Buddhist stupas, Teach English to monks living in monasteries. Volunteers can help in the kitchen to make food for meditating monks. In Buddhism it is regarded very holy to help meditating people giving food or help make food.  This act is regarded so holy. This volunteering program gives you a chance to volunteer as well as learn different Buddhist meditation practices.

Nepal Church Volunteer Program
Nepal church volunteer program provides unique experience to volunteers who are willing to share Love as taught by Jesus to Christian community of Nepal. Nepal is such a unique country where religious harmony has been maintained since ages. The majority of people in Nepal are Hindus and Buddhist but still here are followers of other religions like Christians and Muslims, Bon etc. In cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, chitwan here are significant number of churches. The followers of christens are more in touristic areas of Nepal where people are in influence of western people.
 Volunteers can do a lot in Nepali churches. Nepali church is in need of help and support of volunteers. If you are seeking summer volunteer abroad program, this program can be suitable one for you. Your church contribution can help make world a better place. Teach people the real message of Jesus. Teach people about good values. Contribute help to needy people. Let’s cultivate divine qualities like Mercy, Pity, and peace and Love our self and come out of ego. Let’s volunteer to create universal humanism. Dare to be true Christian volunteer to spread Love as taught by Jesus. We wel come you to join our Nepal church mission volunteer programs.
Nepal Temple volunteers Program
Volunteer in Nepal Hindu temples. This Nepal temple volunteer program provides you unique chance to understand Nepal, Nepali Hindu religion, the features of architecture in Pagoda styled Nepali Hindu Temples, Nepali social value system etc. Nepal was a Hindu country in the past but now a secular country but still more than 80% of the total population are Hindus. Nepal is center of eastern civilization or Vedic civilization. Nepali is like a open book for researchers of art, critics, photojournalists, and film makers. The struts of the temple have erotic carvings with layer of meanings for kinds of people. The Nepali culture is shaped by divine ideas.
 Volunteer in Nepal temple to keep them in good condition, help Hindu sadhus make food, help elderly and disable people living in temple. Help keep temples neat and clean. In special Hindu festivals like shiva ratri, Krishna janma asthami, janai purnima there will be big crowd in Hindu temples.  You can volunteer in such occasions distributing clean drinking water, organizing emergency health camp, maintain law and order etc. Join our Temple Help volunteer programs.
Nepal Mosque Volunteer Program
Since ages Muslim people have been living in Nepal. The Muslim people are less in Nepal but they have their own space and importance. They have never felt minority. In Kathmandu, Gorkha, Chitwan, Nepaljaung and Nawalparasi the Muslim communities are significant in Number. The Major two mosques of Muslim community are situated in Kings way, the heart of Kathmandu city-Nepal.  If you would like to volunteer in Nepal mosques contact us. We can organize your Nepal Muslim help volunteer program. Teach the Truth, live the truth as taught by Allah.

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