r Agricultural Volunteering in Nepal

Agricultural Volunteering in Nepal

Each year, many students studying entomology, agricultural management, organic farming and other fields come for agricultural volunteering in Nepal.
As an agriculture volunteer, you will participate in preparing bedding, sowing seed, plantation, weeding, harvesting crops and other range of activities including buffalo milking, bio fuel preparation, animal feeding and compost preparation.   

We are providing platform for agricultural volunteer opportunities in Nepal. By participating in volunteer agricultural camp, you will help local farmers to learn new farming techniques while you will know the traditional ways of local farming right from ploughing to harvesting. You will get knowledge of growing food without pesticide.    

Who Should Apply?
Anybody with interest in agriculture, cultural studies and international relations field can apply for this program. It is also perfect for those who are looking for international agricultural volunteer opportunities for high school students.

Accommodation Arrangements
All volunteers will be placed in a homestay program with a local Nepali family allowing you to learn more about the local culture and customs to supplement your volunteering experience while become part of your new family. This will give you the chance to create a personal bond and feel a connection with the community during your program. All meals will be provided during your stay and you will have to chance to experience traditional Nepali cuisine and enjoy the local specialties depending on you placement location. Facilities will vary depending on your location as rural areas often lack running water and squat toilets are the norm while urban areas typically have basic showers. All homestay placements will be conveniently located and never more than a short trip from your work placement.
Some of the popular agricultural volunteering packages include volunteering with animals, volunteering in organic farm and agriculture internship.
For more info about the Voluntering with us plz visit our FAQ & other Info page.  for general inquiry you can also drop an email to :goodkarmafoundationnepal@gmail.com .