r Medical Volunteering in Nepal

Medical Volunteering in Nepal

Medical treatment in Nepal remains a constant challenge as the country lacks adequate infrastructure and technology to provide up to date medical treatments to those in need. Coupled with this is the massive divide in Nepali society with many isolated regions lacking even the most basic of supplies contrasted by the overcrowding of Kathmandu leading to a shortage of doctors even for those fortunate enough to be able to afford medical treatment. Furthermore, medical care remains a cultural challenge, as many traditional Nepali people are very skeptical or potentially completely unaware of modern medicinal practices and resort to a traditional shaman to provide ineffective treatments. 
We have try to made the right connection with local health clinics throughout Nepal, which offer basic healthcare to locals and seek to educate and provide care for those in need. These organizations provide typical health checkups, provide vaccinations, teach basic hygiene and support various health awareness programs to ensure that at least basic medical treatment is available to everyone who needs it.  we have several different placements depending on your level of expertise in the medical field.

Basic Placement- This program is ideal for those with no background in the medical field or for those who are interested in potentially studying medicine. In this program, you will work directly with established doctors in clinics observing how they treat patients and learning first hand about the medical establishment in Nepal. You will have to opportunity to assist the doctors and have to chance to run awareness presentations in orphanages, schools and other community organization to provide the locals with basic sanitation and first aid training. 

Medicinal Internship Placement- For those currently working on their medicinal studies, we have a program that will allow you to have a more active role in the treatment of patients. You will work directly with the established clinics and be given the opportunity to carryout overall health and wellness checkups while observing and assisting doctors in your field of study. This will provide a unique insight into the Nepali medicinal system and allow you to work side by side in a job shadow environment with the Nepali doctors. You will also be given to opportunity to work in volunteer health camps to provide checkups on locals and provide basic education throughout the community.

Medical Professional Placement- For those who are qualified practicing or retired medical professionals, you will have the opportunity to work directly with government hospitals, various health clinics and community outreach programs. You can choose to work either directly with established Nepali doctors or create your very own clinic or health camp depending on your length of stay and personal preferences.
All volunteers will be placed in a homestay program with a local Nepali family allowing you to learn more about the local culture and customs to supplement your volunteering experience while become part of your new family. This will give you the chance to create a personal bond and feel a connection with the community during your program. All meals will be provided during your stay and you will have to chance to experience traditional Nepali cuisine and enjoy the local specialties depending on you placement location. Facilities will vary depending on your location as rural areas often lack running water and squat toilets are the norm while urban areas typically have basic showers. All homestay placements will be conveniently located and never more than a short trip from your work placement. 

For more info about the Voluntering with us plz visit our FAQ & other Info page.  for general inquiry you can also drop an email to (goodkarmafoundationnepal@gmail.com)