r Yoga Learning in Nepal

Yoga Learning in Nepal

Meditation has steadily gained popularity over the last decade resulting in numerous centers throughout Kathmandu. The post popular are listed below.Mahayana Buddhist Himalayan Yogic InstituteThis institute located in Baluwater offers evening mediation classes and weekly dharma teachings while offering several workshops in Tibetan art and mediation. The venter offers a well-maintained meditation room as well as a library. The institute is known from its partnership with Kopan Monastery and offers weeklong mediation classes semi-annually. Nepal Vipassana CentreThis center offers 10 day meditation courses requiring extreme dedication as students take a vow of silence for the course. The course beings at 4:30 am and is supported by private donations from previous participants. Kathmandu Buddhist CentreKnow for offering discussion on the foundation and principles of Buddhism while offering short mediation workshops. The center also has a partnership in Patan offering 5-day courses. Asheesh Osho Meditation CentreOffers complementary one hour meditation sessions every morning. Consisting of 3 branches the most famous is located north of Nagariun forest which offers occasional meditation retreats.