r Stoping child-Women trafficing in Nepal

Stoping child-Women trafficing in Nepal

Due to extreme poverty and desperate situations for countless Nepali people, they are often lured into “work contracts” or “business opportunities” that are actually covers for forced labor and sex trafficking. report estimated that ever year roughly 25,000 girls and women are forced into the sex trade primarily in South East Asia and the Middle East. Men are typically sold into servitude providing manual labor as factory workers, miners or domestic servants. Although many companies do provide legitimate foreign work contracts, many organizations take advantage of the Nepalese trust and desperation to trick them into a live a hard labor or sexual exploit action. 
Although the Nepalese government is making efforts to reduce human trafficking, years of civil war, corruption and instability has created only minimal practical enforcement of these attempted policies. The most successful attempts have been led by international Non-Governmental Organizations that attempt to educate the Nepalese people about the dangers involved with international work contracts while hoping to expose those who organize these operations. 

As a volunteer you will work side by side with these organizations making presentations and awareness programs in an attempt to stop these atrocities before they start. Education is the best tool against exploitation and volunteers are always needed to spread the word about the dangerous situations that exist all over Nepal. Other may work with organizations, which attempt to rescues young women from known sex traffickers in the region. If you are passionate about human rights issues and are looking to make a real change in the lives of countless lives, the human trafficking volunteer program is a great way to make a lasting impact on the dreams and ambitions of some of the world’s most poverty stricken and desperate people. 
All volunteers will be placed in a homestay program with a local Nepali family allowing you to learn more about the local culture and customs to supplement your volunteering experience while become part of your new family. This will give you the chance to create a personal bond and feel a connection with the community during your program. All meals will be provided during your stay and you will have to chance to experience traditional Nepali cuisine and enjoy the local specialties depending on you placement location. Facilities will vary depending on your location as rural areas often lack running water and squat toilets are the norm while urban areas typically have basic showers. All homestay placements will be conveniently located and never more than a short trip from your work placement. 
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