r Volunteer Against Human Trafficking

Volunteer Against Human Trafficking

Volunteer against Human Trafficking is the awareness increasing program against girl trafficking, children trafficking and men trafficking. Open border with India backed by weak anti –trafficking law in Nepal have increased the incidents of human trafficking in Nepal.

Volunteer against Woman Trafficking program covers rescuing of the sold girl. Those girls will get help in rehabilitation. Our organization also offers skill by conducting training for HIV affected women.
Sindhupalchok, Makawanpur, Dhading, Kavre, Rasuwa, Dang, Kailali, Siraha, Saptari and Udayapur are major districts from which women and girls are being sold to India. As per the government record, girls above 9 years to 16 years are under high threat of trafficking. Likewise, girls from illiterate family are being sold in brothels of India.

Women’s Trafficking Prevention program has been found to be highly effective in minimizing the number of trafficking incidents.
The pattern of trafficking has showed that the broker usually marries the girl from poor and illiterate family and then promises her to give better life in city. Thus, she follows the broker taking him as her husband. The broker then sell the girl in a brothel where she is supposed to work as a sex girl and satisfy as many as 20 customers in a single day. These girls are then banished from brothels if they are found to be infected from HIV/ AIDS. The life after being infected with HIV is much more difficult. Their family will not accept them and they have no support. By participating in Stop woman trafficking Volunteerism in Nepal program, you will have active involvement in awareness raising program in aforementioned districts that are under threat of trafficking.
Stop men trafficking in Nepal volunteerism program covers getting involved in public awareness against human traffickers. Most of the men are sold in South East Asia and Middle East Countries as a labor in factories, mines and other highly risky places. Through awareness program, people will be educated about the threats involved in international contracts. You will get opportunity to make presentations indicating the possible threats.

Stop Child Trafficking Volunteering is the program to conduct public campaign against Children Trafficking in Nepal. Typically, children are sold to factories as labor. Also, children are abducted for organ transplantation.
As a volunteer, you will work with our organization in conducting awareness programs. You will make presentations and educate these groups against exploitation.
Volunteers will be placed in a homestay program with a local Nepali family allowing you to learn more about the local culture and customs to supplement your volunteering experience so that you can create a personal bond and feel a connection with the community during your program. All meals will be provided during your stay and you will have to chance to experience traditional Nepali dishes and enjoy the local specialties depending on your placement location.

Facilities will vary depending on your location as rural areas often lack running water and squat toilets are the norm while urban areas typically have basic showers. All homestay placements will be conveniently located and never more than a short trip from your work placement.
For further queries regarding Volunteer Against Human Trafficking in Nepal, you can send mail to goodkarmafoundationnepal@gmail.com 

Duration of program: From 1 week to 6 weeks
Experience Required: Not necessary, basic training will be provided after you visit our organization