Orphanage Volunteering in Nepal

Orphanage Volunteering in Nepal offers opportunity of showing love and affection to the orphans who have lost their parents due to war, mortality and sickness. Many parents leave their children in street out of poverty as they think their children have better future in street. Most of these children end up as underpaid laborers, trash collectors, scam artists, slaves or drug addicts as they are forced into terrible actions just to feed themselves every day.      
By volunteering in orphanage in Nepal, you will have active participation in the life of children living in orphanage. Spend your day among these child and help us to pull smile in their face. Your daily activities will vary depending on the situation and the child. Some of the activities include teaching general life skills, basic health care and sanitation techniques, teaching hobbies including arts, music and sports. You can also volunteer at childcare projects or you can organize outings with children or they can come up with any ideas of recreational activities that helps children in learning new things.
You are cordially invited to volunteer at orphanage in Nepal. No experience is necessary to be accepted into our orphanage program and any caring person will be a great benefit to these children who are starving for a positive role model in their life.
At Good Karma Foundation we believe that little moments can make big changes in children’s life. The personal connections you make with these children will help mold their character and values for the rest of their life.

Accommodation for participants coming for orphanage voluntourism in Nepal will be arranged according to local homestay so that you will not be overwhelmed by the orphanage and have a chance to learn more about the typical lifestyle and culture of Nepali families. The housing conditions will vary depending on the location of your volunteer program as rural families often lack some of the more modern facilities but provide a more traditional lifestyle. You will be served with authentic Nepali meal including Dal, Bhat and Tarkari. The homestay will always be conveniently located within walking distance of the orphanage and will create a way for you to be a true member of the local community. Upon request, we can make arrangements for your stay in orphanage as well.
Currently, we operate Nepalese Orphanage Volunteering program in Orphanages of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and other districts of Nepal.

For more info about the Voluntering with us please visit our FAQ & other Info page.  for general inquiry you can also drop an email to ( goodkarmafoundationnepal@gmail.com).