r Veterinary Volunteer in Nepal

Veterinary Volunteer in Nepal

Due to the mountainous and hilly nature of the Nepali landscape, many modern and industrialized agricultural practices are unavailable to local farmers who must rely on animals to maintain their fields and provide nourishment for remote populations. As agricultural related activities employ over 80% of the population and farming is the main facet of the economy, proper veterinary care is essential to the lives of everyone in Nepal. The most important domesticated animal in Nepal are horses, cows, buffaloes, pigs, chickens and yaks and animal husbandry is essential to the food supply and growth of the Nepalese economy.

Most animals are still treated my outdated veterinary techniques with many people simply treating the animals with herbs, shamanic remedies and spiritual practices which fail to properly care for the animals. Substandard veterinary techniques have driven the government to establish a veterinary hospital and research center in Kathmandu to provide more effective modern techniques supplemented by 75 regional centers to help educate farmers on modern practices to best care for their animals. 

Our veterinary volunteer programs offers veterinary professionals, students and novice volunteers alike the chance to help spread the word of modern treatments while working with animal treatment professionals all across the country. During the program, you will learn about animal anatomy, germ pathology and have to opportunity to observe the latest surgical operations on a wide range of animals. If you are interested in healing animals and helping the average Nepali farm worker under the supervision of local veterinary experts, the veterinary volunteer program is for you! As with all of our programs, we can fit your education and skill level to create the perfect opportunity to give back to the friendly people and animals indigenous to Nepal.

All volunteers will be placed in a homestay program with a local Nepali family allowing you to learn more about the local culture and customs to supplement your volunteering experience while become part of your new family. This will give you the chance to create a personal bond and feel a connection with the community during your program. All meals will be provided during your stay and you will have to chance to experience traditional Nepali cuisine and enjoy the local specialties depending on you placement location. Facilities will vary depending on your location as rural areas often lack running water and squat toilets are the norm while urban areas typically have basic showers. All homestay placements will be conveniently located and never more than a short trip from your work placement. 

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