r Learning language in Nepal

Learning language in Nepal

We are running Language cources for volunteers and temporary residents since many years. It is conveniently location in Thamel in the heart of city urban commercial and tourist zone.

All those interested in learning Nepali, whether your needs are for a short introduction or an depth study, are invited to come alone and talk to us about your requirements.

You will benefit not only from an easier interaction with the Nepali people but also learn about Nepal's customs, tradition and culture.

Some Nepali PhrasesOption as the follows :

Nepali English
* Namaste - Hello/ good bye
* Sanchai chha? - How are you?
* Sanchai chha - I'm fine.
* Thik chha - ok/ alright.
* Hajur/ho - yes.
* Hoina - No.
* Ramro chha - It's good / nice.
* Ek chhin parkhanus - wait a minute.
* Yo/tyo ke ho? - What is this/that?
* Malai Nepal manparchha. - I like Nepal.
* Dherai ramro - very good.
* Pheri bhetaula - see you again.
* Pakka ho -That's true / right.
* Kehi chhaina - It doesn't matter/
   that's ok