r Volunteering with Disables in Nepal

Volunteering with Disables in Nepal

Both Experienced and Inexperienced volunteers can work as a Care volunteer in different Rehabilitation centers. There can be handicapped children, handicapped adults, physically and mentally challenged children, children with severe disabilities admitted at Rehabilitation homes and Disable care homes in Nepal. There is separate rehabilitation and care centers in Nepal for HIV affected children, malnourished children, drug abusers, disabled children etc to provide them with care which their family cannot provide and teach them life skills.

In Nepal, we see the adults and children who are brought to the rehabilitation centers are rejected by the family or society. They need little bit of physical and emotional support. As a volunteer, you can help them in their day to day routine. You can teach them something, feed them, change their clothes, clean their room, and try to make them smile. If someone is a Physical therapist then he/she can help the disabled children and adults in Rehabilitation centers. You will be given proper instructions about your work before you start volunteering. You will have a supervisor at your care placement who would be the main contact person with whom you will deal with regarding your work. The supervisor is there to help and guide you.

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