r Teaching , Home stay, Agriculture Combo Volunteering

Teaching , Home stay, Agriculture Combo Volunteering

Without Laxmi ,  one of our this top selling programe would not be sucess at all . Laxmi's hard working and hospitality and kind enthusiasim towards all volunteers who enter her house as stranger later return back like a family member . no less then that. all village will be your frineds and all of the volunteers find themselves hard to leave this village because of the love from Laxmi & villagers .
This Project takes place in starting point of Annapurna Circuit Trekking . (you can google annapurna circuit for more info.) after reaching Khudi of its door from kathmandu by 6-7 hours public bus riding you will be transfered to Village called Gairan Gaun where Laxmi will be there to welcome you . the area is around 800 meter height  from sea level and offers the fertile land , jungle , a  small school , libraby ,  most of the house have bio diversity Gas for cooking foods and run by bufallo dung. all peopels here work hard to run their life , the village also has Cable Television where you can watch some news etc . here are clean toilets and bathrooms and basic standard all  so any one can easily pass their time no matter  which part of the world they belongs.
after you reach Village The house of Laxmi you will be welcome  like family member , you will be provided a room and Laxmi cooks food for you which mostly are lentils and rice and fresh vegetables from her Garden, 
once you reach this village after  day rest you can start your work . we have already written in the title that this volunteering is combnation of 3 things at once like Teaching, Home stay & Agriculture work . but if you like to focus one and avoid two , you can do that . or focus two and avoid one that is also fine . 
 if you like to teach . there are 3-4 schools near this area , you can teach wole day and in the other time you can experience the typical nepali home stay and help villagers in the evening with gardenning , vegetables growing, giving some training if you have idea of agriclture works etc. 
The area  is so rich with lots of water resources, there are three rivers in the area all in 30 minutes distant. you can try swimming in the size of the river you want . one river is big and it is called Marshyangdi, other is Khudi Khola & next small one is Bhalam Khola . also fishing is an idea to pass the time in weekend.
have you heard the natural flute sound live in the vilage? you will have it here .  This area has many classes of peopels who are expertise in musical stuffs from the generation and you will find the youths passing the village by playing the flute and you will be lost in the rythm of it . some locals can also teach you this stuffs made from bamboo.
for Hiking this area is really nice because as i wrote already it is in the starting of annapurna circuit . so you can walk till Bahundanda  where John Wood from Microsoft wrote a Book by staying in this village named FROM MICROSOFT TO CHANGE THE WORLD . Ghale Gaun is one of the top tourism village in whole south Asia and it is just 4 -5 hours walking distant from the village where you are staying so you can also walk to this village Ghle gaun and see how the rural villages are being the source of tourism and how locals are enjoying this together with their unique culture and hospitality offering to tourist . you can also find the different kind of tourism praticing in this part of world totally different from 5 star hotels in kathmandu or any kinds of tourism away from Thailand Beach or Greek islands to swiis alps.
The village is an example village of organic production . all of the year it is fine to stay in this village June mid to july mid villgers are busy with rice planting where you can  help them and after this plantations  major festivals are started till Nov end  after completing Deewali. Spring is very nice with lots of birds singing and plants changing their old one with new leaves , autumns is one of the great time for sure . you can try any time  for this village.
This village wil help you to learn alot of Nepal , if you want to stay in Laxmi house  as homestay and try Agriculture works and teaching at once in same period of time dont hesitate to contact us . we will try our best to help you .

Laxmi middle aged Women  who  never went to any schools as the time when she was passing her childhood all her conteporary would  go to graze their cows and goats ,  this was a rule  in that senario . She was away from academic learning but no matter she had learned alot from her own life from marrying with Krishna (who now supports her is a retired Gov officer who worked all his life is forest department of Nepal Gov. )  to  raising her three Childrens two boys and a girl  who are now all busy in their professional jobs . Laxmi deserve some high post in village  in mother groups and any other agricultural  meetings . all of the viillagers respect and address her with world KAKI which is  a word used for mother .volunteer also finds them relaxed calling LAXMI by the word KAKI.  
for sure she is not smart in english but she has a unique sign language and some diction she learned her self from past Volunteers , TV, or from her sons . when they visit her from kathmandu few times in years. . overall it works and Laxmi has been a pioneer women in Nepal .

Below are the few sample pictures from this programe 

Laxmi with her Daughter in Law

Laxmi with a volunteer from UK

(Bart) a boy volunteer from Poland helping Laxmi with rice planting 

Cucumber in Laxmi's Garden /May 2015

Bee Hives in Laxmi House 

A big tree in the village and more tres in background

Laxmi giving plants of vegetbles from her Garden as seeds to villagers

More volunteers helping to make Green house to harvest vegetables for comming volunteers in Laxmi House

Near by model tourism village where volunteers can go and make sigtseeing 

numberous water falls in the area 

Teaching in near by schools 

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